Hospitality Marketing 

We help our clients develop and implement effective marketing strategies to increase customer loyalty, help with brand recognition and performance, and to assist with exposing new potential consumers to your current promotions and product.

Awake Late Management Group specializes in business development, marketing, web design, and event planning.  We have a combined 25 years experience in the hospitality industry, and have experience branding and marketing for a diverse portfolio ranging from small businesses, private groups, and corporate clients.


We use a combination of “tried and true” advertising methods and creative solutions to make your brand shine. 

From print media to social media boost campaigns, radio ads, and online funneling, we use our networking channels to make your life easier.  Call upon our expertise to envision and implement an effective marketing plan for your business.


Professional branding sets you aside from your competition.

Every successful business needs a clear brand identity.  Let us help you reach your goals through branding!  We evaluate your business to find where your niche is, and offer a wide variety of services, including but not limited to: a logo refresh or design, updating your website or social media platform, or through partnering with lateral businesses through our event platform!  Let our creativity brand your business today!

Social Media Marketing

Work smarter, not harder!  We reach hundreds of thousands of people through social media network annually.  Get the word out about your business or brand through strategic social media marketing!

We employ an in-house graphic designer and a web developer for that polished, professional look.

We help target social networks and other sites to spread brand awareness or promote your business through shareable content and advertorials.

Custom Graphics

We customize artwork for posters, flyers, and various print media for events and promotional campaigns.

If you can dream it, we can create it!  Our full-time graphic and web development team develops custom graphics and original designs to make your idea come to life!  We don’t charge you hourly; it’s all included in our services. 

Let our creativity and expertise make your brand or business shine!

Business Consulting

We are passionate about helping your business reach the next level of success!  We will work with you one-on-one with strategizing, planning, and problem solving.  We specialize in helping our clients develop more effective, more efficient strategies for maximizing their profits!

If you need a hand designing a business model or marketing campaign, breakthrough coaching, product development, or simply brainstorming--let our expertise work for you!

Management and Employee Training

Take your existing revenue and enhance it through one of our staff and/or management training programs!  Our mission is to equip your staff with skills that make the most of your current business through suggestive selling, up-selling, and reselling. 

Other times, we know we have an internal issue, but don’t know how to fix it.  Awake Late Management Group spends the necessary time in your venue to help you identify solutions to enhance your customers’ experience.  After all, if we get a new face in your doors, we want to keep them!  Let us empower your staff with the skills needed to make a guest feel welcome and want to return!


Events are a great way to reinforce your brand and bring attention to your business!  Awake Late’s event planning services include: networking, strategic cross-promotion, obtaining sponsors, public relations and publicity, and promotions.  We specialized in getting new faces in your building!

Whether it’s planning a National concert, your upcoming grand opening, or a community block party, Awake Late can make your event a success!


Awake Late Management Group has close working ties to the local community and area business owners.  We partner with charitable groups, socially involved area businesses, network groups, and corporate sponsors to get the job done (and your costs down)! 

Let us assist you in succeeding with your next sponsorship venture!

Public Relations (changed tab from Hospitality Management)

We specialize in making your business look good and giving it the exposure it deserves!   Whether you’d like recognition for an annual charity event, you’re trying out something new, or you just want to connect with your local community in a more personal way, Awake Late is happy to use our print, radio, and online resources to make sure you get your brand out there!

We use a strategic combination of newspaper and magazine articles, blogs, and radio mentions to make sure that people know about you!

Website Design and Development

We employ a full-time web department that specializes in everything from creating that perfect logo, to building and maintaining your dream website, to SEO/SEM services.

We also create custom Responsive Website Designs that make your website mobile friendly!  Go mobile with your business, drive website traffic, and reach more potential customers through our web development services! 

Entertainment Booking

Awake Late Management Group books and manages talent from every genre!  Contact us when you want a professional musician, show, or special event to add to your calendar.

Artist Management

Awake Late Management Group books and manages talent from every genre!  Contact us when you want a professional musician or show to add to your weekend or special event.

Printing - Flyers, Banners, Posters

We offer professional printing to our clients for events, shows, promotions, and much more....

Inquire about our banners, posters, ticket services, and print packages!

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